What's new in Contact Center

A description of new features in Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

August 6, 2020

Production Features

  • Recordings report

  • Ability to turn off recording-transcription notifications (requires signed agreement. contact [email protected])

  • New language support for French, German & Spanish

  • New Teams themed audio player in Call Recording, Audio Prompts & Queues.

  • Application Help button

  • Additional CDR fields

  • Most edit pages now full page instead of modal

  • Various UI styling improvements

  • Improved Teams App navigation and UI styling

Preview Features

  • IVR enhancements

    • Text to speech IVR block

    • Ability to pass parameters between blocks

    • Capture multiple DTMF tones

    • Capture DTMF will prompts are playing

    • All parameters to be passed to Data Dip request

    • Allows transfer to Teams users and Teams user voicemail

  • Skills tab on Queue Edit now hidden when not relevant


  • Various bug fixes

  • Queue timeout

Known Issue

Action Required: This update requires additional permissions for Landis Contact Center recording and sentiment to interact with Microsoft Teams. This will require you to re-consent. You can do this using this URL: https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/adminconsent?client_id=3a08b250-02ce-4316-94f7-069f4ae0c41b

June 17, 2020

Production Features

  • Start recording "On Demand" via Agent Panel record button

  • Stop and Start recording via Agent Panel record button when policy is "Record (Can Stop)"

Known Issues

  • Microsoft Behavior: If a user that has policy call recording or sentiment enabled calls a Teams AA/CQ, Landis Contact Center IVR/Queue or other IVR, the Microsoft audio notification that "This meeting is being recorded and/or transcribed" will be played on top of the of the AA/IVR or Queue welcome message.

June 3, 2020

Production Features

  • Policy Call Recording policy call recorder bot (How to configure)

  • Set a policy to record Microsoft Teams user calls

  • Filter call records by user, other party & date range

  • Permission based access to call details and records

Preview Features

  • Banner to indicate Preview status

  • Default music on hold for new organizations

  • Banner notifications for actions (like save a record)

  • Business Hours for Queues

  • Bug Fixes

    • Skills: changing row gets saved

    • Queue: Off hours actions will not allow transferring to the same queue

    • Policy update takes effect

    • Music on hold: repeats as needed

    • Queue Attendant Routing: doesn't allow double answering

    • Queue: Ignoring alert issue resolved

    • Reporting: better handling of lack of caller information from Microsoft Graph

Known Issues

  • Microsoft Behavior: The Microsoft audio notification that "This meeting is being recorded and/or transcribed" will be play at the beginning of each call that has recording or sentiment enabled. The notification will be repeated when recording is stopped and started again.

January 1, 2020

Preview Features

  • Audio file manager