Getting Started


We have designed Contact Center to be a simple as possible to setup.

  • Enable the Contact Center Service for your organization (creating a New Organization)

  • Grant Contact Center service permissions to interact with your Microsoft Teams tenant

  • Configure your Organization's Contact Center settings

Enabling the Service for Your Organization

Browse to

Select Sign in with Microsoft button. We recommend using a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator account.



Organization Name

This will be the short name for your organization and cannot be changed. It cannot include spaces.

Organization Display Name

This will be a longer and more descriptive name for your organization.

Admin Email

This is the Administrators email account

Complete the reCAPTCHA and click Submit.

Creating a new service for your organization should just take a few seconds.

When the service for your organization is created, sign into the service portal to continue.

Granting Permissions to Office 365 Services

Grant Teams/Azure Permissions

To grant contact center the ability to interact with the organization's Teams and Azure tenant, sign in to the portal and navigate to Administration | Settings. Select the three Grant Permissions buttons. The requested permissions will be listed when granting consent. The permissions needed will be listed when granting consent. Also see Integration Permissions

Verify that you are signed into the correct Office 365 tenant before granting permissions.

Configure for Your Organization

Your are now ready to configure some contact center specific settings. See Setup

To speed up getting started, your contact center will have preconfigured wrap-up questions, wall boards, user roles and so on.